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2014 Season Results overview (to 18th August):-

  • 1st Place Ulster Grand Prix Ultra Lightweight Race.
  • 6th Place Ulster Grand Prix Superbike Race.
  • 7th Place Ulster Grand Prix Supersport Race.
  • 2014 Welsh Open Champion.
  • Two Bronze Replicas 2014 Isle of Man TT.
  • 2nd Place Auto 66 UK 2014 Road & Track Championship.
  • Top Race Results:-
    • 1st place finishes – 5
    • 2nd place finishes – 7
    • 3rd place finishes – 4
    • 4th place finishes – 6


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Monday 25th August



This post is the full meeting report.  If you would like to read a shorter summary report only, please click HERE.


Grand Prix Winner! 1st Place in the Ultra Lightweight Race. Click on the image for a larger view.

Background to the meeting

The Ulster Grand Prix – trademarked, justifiably, as “The Fastest Road Race in the World” – is organised by the Dundrod and District Motorcycle Club and is one of the major international meetings in the motorcycle road racing calendar.  Often considered a “mini TT” the event is a focus for the sport’s fastest and best-established riders, as well as being a proving ground for racers aspiring to the top levels of the sport.

Location of the Dundrod circuit. Click on the image for a larger view.

The Dundrod circuit is near to Belfast and Lisburn in Co. Antrim.  The 7.401 mile (11.911km) circuit with its 25 turns is extremely fast and flowing, providing a level of challenge which excites and thrills both competitors and spectators alike.  And uniquely, the last few seconds before the start of the Ulster Grand Prix Races proper are backdropped by loud music from a huge bank of loudspeakers on the startline, adding an electric atmosphere to the occasion.

First held in 1922 on the nearby 20.5 mile “Clady” circuit the event was first moved to a modified 16.5 mile circuit before being moved again to the current Dundrod circuit in 1953.  The FIM gave the event the title “Grande Prix d’Europe” in 1948 and the Formula TT Championships were held here between 1974 and 1990 and it held World Championship status between 1949 and 1971.

Dundrod circuit map. 7.401 mile (11.911km) in length and ridden clockwise. Click on the image for a larger view.

The most successful riders at the Ulster Grand Prix have been Joey Dunlop with 24 wins, Ian Lougher with 18 wins, Phillip McCallen with 14 wins and Guy Martin with 11 wins.  Bruce Anstey is the fastest man in the fastest race in the world, having lapped at 133.977mph on a 1000cc Relentless TAS Suzuki in the 2010 Superbike Race.

(In an aside, Bruce Anstey also holds the lap record for the TT, having lapped at an average speed of 132.298mph on a Padgett’s Honda CBR1000RR in the 2014 Superbike race.  Additionally, he holds the outright speed record at the TT of 206mph at the end of the Sulby straight during practice for the 2006 races; though due to this being recorded by onboard datalogging, the record is unofficial.)

On the Supersport grid 2014 Ulster Grand Prix. Click on the image for a larger view.

The 2014 event continues to attract the sport’s top competitors, with riders entered from 15 countries and with 30 Newcomers attending.

A well-organised meeting, the Ulster Grand Prix benefits from an unusually-effective Public Address system which can be heard reasonably well throughout the paddock.  And this is backed up by the race commentary being broadcast on a dedicated radio station (Radio UGP: 107.8fm) and also on local radio (BBC Radio Ulster) – a very welcome facility in remote race awning locations to keep in touch with races and developments.

“Race Week” at Dundrod is split into two “events” – the Dundrod 150 Races and the Ulster Grand Prix Races.  In 2014 the events’ schedules were:

  • Wednesday 13th August – Signing on, Briefings and Practice & Qualifying sessions.
  • Thursday 14th August – Practice & Qualifying sessions and Dundrod 150 Races (5 races).
  • Friday 15th August – A day off racing.  Public paddock walkabout.
  • Saturday 16th August – International Ulster Grand Prix Races (7 races).

Daley has competed at the Ulster Grand Prix before, the last time in 2010 whilst he was resident in Northern Ireland.  He finished in a very impressive 4th place in the 250cc Race aboard a D&G Wray machine where he would finish in front of the vastly experienced Davy Morgan in a quality field of international racers.  The battle was featured heavily in the BBC’s extensive coverage of the event, giving great media exposure to the then relative newcomer to Road Racing.  To see a video clip from the televised race, please click HERE.   To see an on-board video of Daley riding in the 2010 250cc race please click HERE.

Daley (#37) battling with Davy Morgan (#17) during the 2010 Ulster Grand Prix 250cc race. Click on the image for a lager view.


Meeting report

On the Superbike startline with Dan Kneen. Click on the image for a larger view.

Daley and the team arrived at the Dundrod circuit in the afternoon of Tuesday 12th August, having caught the late morning ferry from Cainryan (Stranraer) to Belfast.  The paddock pitch-booking system didn’t seem to have worked quite as expected and the race truck was directed to the lower, rough-hardcore-surfaced small lower paddock.  Though well-drained it was well away from the holding area and more public main areas of the paddock which straddle the Hannahstown Road, giving the team ample physical exercise pushing bikes and equipment to and from the holding area, pits and return road (as bikes can’t be ridden through the paddock areas).

The weather forecast was breezy with heavy showers and that came to be with heavy rain overnight followed by heavy showers on Wednesday morning.  The morning was spent in rider’s signing-on, rider and team briefings, bikes’ scrutineering and then gearing changes and general final check-over.

Daley’s bikes for the meeting:

  • Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R1000 Superbike (Race Number 40).
  • Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R600 Supersport (Race Number 40).
  • Logan Racing Honda RS125 Ultra Lightweight (Race Number 35).

Daley’s races entered:

  • Thursday – Dundrod 150 Races: Entered into 2 of 5 races:
    • Race 2 – Ultra Lightweight (5laps).
    • Race 5 –  Superbike ( 6 laps).
  • Saturday – Ulster Grand Prix Races: Entered into 5 out of 7 races:
    • Race 2 – Supersport 1 (6 laps).
    • Race 3 – Ultra Lightweight (5 laps).
    • Race 4 – Superbike 1 (7 laps).
    • Race 5 – Supersport 2 (6 laps).
    • Race 7 – Superbike 2 (6 laps).

First practice was after lunch on Wednesday on the Logan Racing Honda RS125.  The rain stopped and was followed by cloudy conditions with sunny intervals, which allowed the track to begin to dry.  Following on was was practice & qualifying for the other two bikes.

Out of the seat of the Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R600 over Deer’s Leap. Click on the image for a larger view.

Wednesday’s qualifying:

  • Superbike: 22nd position; best lap speed of 124.121mph.
  • Supersport: 23rd position; best lap speed of 119.124mph.
  • Ultra Lightweight: 5th position; best lap speed of 97.135mph.

Thursday’s weather improved and it was warm and dry with sunny intervals.

Thursday’s qualifying:

  • Superbike: 15th position; best lap speed of 126.993mph.
  • Supersport: 17th position; best lap speed of 121.136mph.
  • Ultra Lightweight: 2nd position; best lap speed of 104.478mph.

Combined qualifying:

  • Superbike: 16th position; best lap speed of 126.993mph.
  • Supersport: 18th position; best lap speed of 121.136mph.
  • Ultra Lightweight: 2nd position; best lap speed of 104.478mph.

On the Logan Racing Honda RS125 machine during the Ultra Lightweight Race. Click on the image for a larger view.

Friday’s “free” day was spent in visiting a local motorcycle enthusiast’s home and bike (and other vehicle) collection.  A very pleasant  and exciting couple of hours were spent browsing the very impressive collection, which ranged from ancient to modern, from road to race, from “barn find” to pristine condition exhibits.  Many thanks to Mr William McComb – a most hospitable, knowledgeable and modest host.

The remainder of Friday afternoon and evening was spent in preparing the two Hol-Taj Suzukis ready for Saturday’s races.  (The Honda RS125 was being looked after by Logan Racing mechanics.)

The main race day, Saturday, was very mixed conditions with showers and a breeze.  A track which could be dry’ish in some parts and wet’ish in others caused riders and teams some concern as to the best tyre fitments.  At times it seemed that full wets were required, but within a matter of minutes that decision could be changed.

Daley’s Race Results:

Winner’s lineup for the 2014 Ulster Grand Prix Ultra Lightweight Race. With Christian Elkin, #25, 2nd place and Paul Jordan, #5, 3rd place. Click on the image for a larger view.

In a fantastic and very exciting series of races at the Ulster Grand Prix  Daley won his first Grand Prix Race on Logan Racing’s RS125 Honda, beating Christian Elkin’s 250cc 4-stroke Honda into second place of the Ulster Grand Prix Ultra Lightweight Race on Saturday 16th August.  In what may possibly be considered the “race battle of the meeting” the lead changed several times during the hotly-contested duel for first place.  Unable to match the straight-line speed of Elkin’s 250cc machine, Daley used intelligent race craft to secure the win in the final stages of the race.


On the Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R600. Click on the image for a larger view.

Moving onto the bigger bikes Daley’s performance was also extremely impressive.  Already very pleased to qualify on the Superbike in the front wave of the two waves of the races, he was absolutely delighted to finish in 7th place in the Superstock Race and a very impressive 6th Place in the Superbike Race, only two places behind 12-times TT winner Michael Dunlop and two places in front of 8-times TT winner Ian Hutchinson.

The races and race schedules were affected by a number of incidents and red flags, some connected with weather conditions. Two races on Saturday were ultimately cancelled.

  • Thursday – Dundrod 150 Races
    • Race 2 – Ultra Lightweight (5 laps but shortened to 3 laps).
      • 2nd place finish.
      • Qualified in 5th position.
      • Best lap speed of 105.008mph..
      • Position during race: 2, 2, 2
    • Race 5 –  Superbike ( 6 laps but shortened to 5 laps).
      • 16th place finish.
      • Qualified in 24th position.
      • Best lap speed of 126.314mph.
      • Speed trap – 179mph.
      • Position during race: 14, 16, 16, 16, 16
  • Saturday – Ulster Grand Prix Races: Entered into 5 out of 7 races:
    • Race 2 – Supersport 1 (6 laps). Delayed due to an incident at Ireland’s Corner.
      • 7th place finish.
      • Qualified in 18th position.
      • Best lap speed of 121.109mph.
      • Position during race: 8, 7, 8, 8, 8, 7
    • Race 3 – Ultra Lightweight (5 laps).
      • 1st place finish.
      • Qualified in 2nd position.
      • Best lap speed of 104.849mph.
      • Speed trap – 123mph
      • Position during race: 2, 1, 2, 2, 1
    • Race 4 – Superbike 1 (7 laps).
      • 6th place finish.
      • Qualified in 16th position.
      • Best lap speed of 126.421mph.
      • Speed trap – 182mph.
      • Position during race: 8, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 6
    • Race 5 – Supersport 2.  Red flagged due to an incident at Deer’s Leap. The race was not restarted.
    • Race 7 – Superbike 2.  Race cancelled due to deteriorating weather conditions.

On the heels of Peter Hickman with Ian Hutchinson behind on bike #2 – 2014 Ulster Grand Prix. Click on the image for a larger view.

Top 8 finishers in the Ulster Grand Prix Superbike Race:

  1. Bruce Anstey
  2. Guy Martin
  3. Lee Johnston
  4. Michael Dunlop
  5. Peter Hickman
  6. Daley Mathison
  7. Ivan Lintin
  8. Ian Hutchinson

It is perhaps an understatement to say that Daley and the team are absolutely delighted with both his first Grand Prix win, his 6th place finish in the UGP Superbike Race and his 7th place finish in the UGP Supersport Race.  Daley’s hard work, commitment, determination and skillful riding have been rewarded with a Grand Prix win and other finishes alongside riders in the top echelons of the sport.

Duelling with Christian Elkin during the Ultra Lightweight Race. Daley (#35) won the race by 0.288 seconds from Elkin. Click on the image for a larger view.

Daley commented: “I pushed and rode my heart out for those results this weekend and I’m over the moon. This has been one of the best events of my racing career to date and I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support.  Many thanks to all of my Partners and Sponsors, fiancée, team, family and friends for your continued help – I’m so grateful.”

Daley continued: “Once more I’ve been delighted with the Michelin tyres I’m riding on.  The Ulster Grand Prix is the “Fastest Road Race in the World” and I think my top 10 results in the Superbike and Supersport Races prove that Michelin’s tyres are up there with the best in motorcycle racing.  They have performed faultlessly, giving me the confidence to push really hard with confidence and safety.  They give great feedback and are the foundation of my success.


Click HERE to view Daley’s race results timesheets (races only).
Click HERE to view the full meeting results on the Ulster Grand Prix website.

To view a gallery of photographs from the meeting, click HERE.
To visit the website of the Ulster Grand Prix, click HERE.


Daley extends his sincere gratitude to all his sponsors for helping to achieve this fantastic result – please visit the “Current Sponsors” page – to see who they are please click HERE.

In particular, very grateful thanks go to Daley’s principal sponsors for their continued support:

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