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Tuesday 21st July 2015

Cock o’the North – Meeting Report
(Scarborough, Sunday 19th July 2015)

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Firstly, a “thank you” from Daley:
Daley is pleased to now be back to full general and bike fitness following his collarbone injury at the North West 200 in May – to see the report of the meeting, click here.  He expresses his sincere thanks and gratitude to all his Partners and followers for their continued support and encouragement during this difficult time and is now looking forward to rewarding them with his best efforts and good race results during the rest of the season. He is also extremely grateful to the supporters and friends who so generously provided financial help through his GoFundMe campaign – this was a very significant help during the weeks Daley was not able to work.  Daley says:  “Thank you so much everyone; you have made all the difference to getting me back racing as quickly as possible!

The day following the meeting was Daley’s birthday – early celebrations! Click on the image for a larger view


For a very brief description of Scarborough’s Oliver’s Mount, click here.

Traditionally a 2-day meeting, this year the Cock o’the North at Scarborough’s Oliver’s Mount was condensed into 1 day of 12 races on Sunday 19th July as a result of legalities surrounding roads closure authorisation required for the season’s four motorcycle race meetings.  Though still part of the official weekend’s activities, Saturday was largely devoted to other attractions such as a riders’ chat show (of which Daley was a part) and a paddock walk-about.  The biker’s village camp site, activities and facilities were open as usual over the full weekend.

The heavy rain on Sunday morning appeared as forecast, causing untimed and timed practice and qualifying to be held in what were at times extremely wet conditions.  Daley rides extremely well in the wet on his Michelin Power Rain tyres – which are recognised for their excellence in these conditions.

10409357_10206397687754822_9099984339498292073_n john margetts

In very wet conditions on the Hol-Taj Superbike during timed qualifying. Click on the image for a larger view. Photo credit John Margetts

Update on the Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R1000 Superbike:
The damage done to the Hol-Taj Superbike during the incident at the North West 200 in May was largely cosmetic but nonetheless it had taken a little while to fund and execute the necessary repairs and rebuilding.  With the bike only part-finished before being taken to The Mount for the weekend’s racing Daley and the team worked hard right up to the bike being scrutineered just before Sunday’s practice to get the repairs finished in time.  They were amply rewarded when the bike not only passed scrutineering but came first in free practice (Mathison, Lintin, Harrison, Goodings, Cooper, Cowton) and qualified in pole position in timed qualifying (Mathison, Harrison, Lintin, Goodings, Johnston, Hewston) for the Senior class.

On the Hol-Taj Superbike. Click on the image for a larger view. Photo credit CDH Photography

Daley was entered into 6 races: the Junior, Senior and the feature Cock o’the North – 2 legs in each.  Due to the extremely tight schedule qualifying for the Cock o’the North was this year Senior & Junior qualifications combined.  In a fine performance Daley qualified in pole position (and thus also in pole position for the Cock o’the North) for both the Junior and Senior races; and beating Dean Harrison by an extremely tight 0.041 seconds in Junior qualifying, for example.

Leading Dean Harrison during the Senior race, leg 1. Click on the image for a larger view. Photo credit John Margetts

The start of racing had to be delayed for an hour due to standing water on the track but after the storms the track began to dry quite quickly with just damp patches remaining during the races.  In the event Daley was only able to compete in 2 of the intended 6 races as the meeting was cancelled early after a very significant oil spillage from a sidecar in the Jefferies Jumps/Farm Bends area of the track.  After consulting top riders Daley Mathison, Dean Harrison, Lee Johnston and Ivan Lintin the Clerk of the Course, Gary Thompson, took the very difficult decision to call a halt to proceedings in the interests of rider safety as the spillage could not be adequately cleared in time.  Widely respected and hugely experienced in motorcycle racing, Gary Thompson MBE BEM is new this official position at Oliver’s Mount.  But he has served for several years with great success as Clerk of the Course at the Isle of Man TT, is General Secretary of the ACU and with his inclusive approach and leadership skills is certainly a great asset to motorcycle racing at Oliver’s Mount.

Leading Tom Weeden during the Junior race, leg 1. Click on the image for a larger view. Photo credit Andy Kirk

Despite the weather, the delays and the eventual cancellation each class completed one race and Daley was in fact very pleased with his performance on both bikes over the weekend.  His achievement of qualifying in pole position in all his entered classes was backed up by two fine fourth-place finishes in the races which were run.  All-in-all a great weekend really, with the Hol-Taj Superbike now back in action, though there was one moment of concern when a false neutral was found on the Supersport machine in the Junior race.

The start of the Junior race, leg 1, with Dean Harrison (#2) and James Cowton (#52). Click on the image for a larger view. Photo credit Steve Betts Photography

In a notable aside, Lee Johnston captured the Junior class lap record – 1:46.540 (m:s) at a lap average speed of 82.110 mph on lap 4 of the first leg of the class which was actually run (Race 4).

Daley’s bikes:

  • Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R1000 Superbike
  • Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R600 Supersport

Daley’s results summary:

  • Races entered:  Junior (2 legs); Senior (2 legs); Cock o’the North (2 legs)
    • N.B.  Of these, only the Junior Leg 1 (Race 4) and the Senior Leg 1 (Race 2) races were run due to the early cancellation of the meeting
  • Junior:
    • Timed qualifying:  1st place (Mathison, Harrison, Weeden, Cowton, Lintin, Johnston)
    • Race 4:  4th place (Harrison, Johnston, Weeden, Mathison, Hewson, Mick Goodings)
  • Senior:
    • Free practice:  1st place (Mathison, Lintin, Harrison, Mark Goodings, Cooper, Cowton)
    • Timed qualifying:  1st place (Mathison, Harrison, Lintin, Mick Goodings, Johnston, Hewson)
    • Race 2:  4th place (Harrison, Lintin, Johnston, Mathison, Cowton, Mick Goodings)

To view/download Daley’s official results timesheets (pdf format), click here.
To view the meeting’s full results (Sports Timing Services website), click here.
To visit the Oliver’s Mount website, click here.
To visit the Auto 66 Club’s website, click here.
To see a gallery of photographs from the meeting, click here.

The next meeting for Daley is at Aberdare Park in South Wales on 25th and 26th July where Daley will be defending his 2014 Welsh Open Championship title on the Hol-Taj Supersport machine.

Daley’s principal Partners are:

   Darlington Technical College


Friday 17th July 2015

No Limits Endurance Race, Silverstone
(Saturday 11th July 2015)

Click on the logo to be taken to the No Limits Trackdays Racing Series website

As part of his recuperation to recover from the collarbone injury Daley as been following a training programme and is now feeling strong and “bike fit”.  In addition to physical training and cycling Daley recently teamed up with fellow rider Jonathan Garnett in his Zero Limits ThinkDo Legal endurance race team.   They carried the race number 200 in a 3-hour endurance race at Silverstone on Saturday 11th July in the No Limits Trackdays Racing Series Round 5.  Riding the Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R600 on Michelin Power Slick tyres, and alongside Jonny’s Kawasaki ZX10, the pair were pleased to qualify in 31st position and then to finish the race in 16th place.  With each rider taking 30-40 minute stints both very much enjoyed the race and Daley was very pleased with his strength and bike fitness as well as their finish ranking, though the team were not eligible for championship points in this instance.

An interesting and exciting feature of the endurance race is that whilst the race is a massed start it is not in the conventional grid format.   Riders are lined up singly and longitudinally along the start grid in qualifying order directly opposite their machines, which have their engines turned off.  At the start signal riders have to sprint across the track to their machines, start the bikes’ engines and then start their race.  Daley had an excellent start and made up a number of places early on in the race.

Race summary:-

  • Qualifying position = 31st out of 54 teams
  • Finish position = 16th out of 51 finishers
  • Number of laps = 140
  • Total race time = 3:01:14.039 h:m:s
  • Best lap time = 1:13.850 m:s
  • Best lap average speed = 85.78 mph on lap 135

To visit No Limits Racing Series website, click here.
To visit Silverstone’s website, Click here.

The next event for Daley is the Cock o’the North meeting at Scarborough’s Oliver’s Mount on 18th and 19th July.


Friday 17th July 2015

MotoE Race Series

Daley has teamed up with the University of Nottingham’s Power Electronics, Machine and Control Research Group, which is part of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, as was mentioned in News Article NA43 dated 28th June – click here to read the article.  Due to the collarbone injury he sustained two weeks earlier at the North West 200 meeting Daley was unable to ride the bike for the team in the TT Zero race as originally planned, but Michael Sweeney was drafted in at the last minute and rode the machine into 6th place in the race.  An absolutely excellent effort and performance by the whole team as the bike’s construction was not complete when the team arrived on the Island!

Michael Sweeney leaving the startline in the TTZero race. Photo credit: Andrea Hawley. Click on the image for a larger view

After this tremendous success the team is now preparing the bike for the MotoE series in races to be run during the rest of the season.  MotoE is a member of the elite electric motorsport world and is an open competition for electric motorcycles to test, prove and ultimately market the next generation of transport technologies.

Click on the logo to be taken to the MotoE website

The MotoE race series venues and dates are:-

  • Nurburgring; 1st & 2nd August.
  • Anglesey; 15th & 16th August
  • Cadwell Park; 12th & 13th September
  • Pembrey;  26th & 27th September
  • Portimao; 2nd to 4th October

To visit the team’s Facebook page, click here.
To visit the University’s webpage for the project, click here.
To see the team’s TT results (TT website), click here.

Updates on the team’s progress and race meeting results will be posted here, so please check back.


Thursday 2nd July 2015

Update on Daley’s race plans

This week Daley has started back at work and is finding the exercise is helping his recovery from the injuries he suffered at the North West 200 in May (see the Meeting Report dated 19th May, click here).

He recently attended the Barry Sheene Festival at Scarborough’s Oliver’s Mount where he finished  in 2nd place in Saturday’s Modern Junior race on the Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R600, having qualified in pole position.  However, having qualified on the front row for Sunday’s Modern Junior race he decided not to enter the race itself as he was in too much pain from his still-healing left collarbone. To read the meeting report, click here.

Daley is now very much looking forward to his next-planned event – the Cock o’the North meeting at Scarborough on 18th-19th July.

The Auto 66 Club, the organisers of the road race events at Scarborough, have announced that due to the legalities and regulations surrounding the roads closure requirements racing will only take place on the Sunday this year.  However, a full day of events is still planned for Saturday, with a reduced entry fee, with the opportunity of a paddock walk-about.  Click here to read the Club’s announcement and for further details.


Sunday 28th June 2015

New Partner joins Daley Mathison Racing

Click on the image to visit the company’s website

Daley is delighted to welcome Forcefield Body Armour onboard as a new Partner with Daley Mathison Racing.

Forcefield Body Armour specialises in Impact Protection and High Performance Clothing Systems.  The brand prides itself on developing and producing cutting edge, innovative and class-leading products.  Winning countless awards and reviews, the brand continues to grow across many industries and sports.

Daley was fortunate enough to be wearing a Forcefield back protector when he was involved in the incident at Mill Road roundabout chicane during May’s North West 200 meeting and believes that the protector played a central role in minimising the injuries he sustained.  Motorcycling of any variety, and especially road racing, is a hazardous occupation and wearing the best possible safety equipment – such as Forcefield’s products – is an essential.  Daley is proud to now have Forcefield Body Armour in the Team as Partners.



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