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Thursday 1st October 2015

MotoE Championship, Round 4
Pembrey Circuit

Round 4 of the 5-round European MotoE Championship for electric bikes was held at Pembrey Circuit in Carmarthenshire, South Wales on the weekend of 26th & 27th September 2015.  The earlier rounds had been held at Nürburgring, Anglesey Circuit and Cadwell Park.

Update following from the previous Round at Cadwell Park:

The previous Round at Cadwell Park had seen the team return home without points due to two DNFs caused by an intermittent fault resulting in the bike’s drive system shutting down without warning.  As disappointing as this was the team’s morale was still high as they had confidence in the inherent capabilities of the machine and the abilities of its rider.  The bike is, after all, in it’s primary phase of development and still is “settling down”.

The UoN-01 bike partially stripped. Click on the image for a larger view

Back in the workshop at the University of Nottingham the bike was fully stripped and after three days of diagnostic checks the fault was traced to bolts missing from the motor resolver.  Very small changes to the position of this sensor can lead to significant alteration of the bike’s performance – even to the extent that the bike can stop working altogether.  And so with the relief that comes with a problem identified and solved, the bike was rebuilt.

With the next round of the MotoE Championship at Pembrey Circuit rapidly approaching the team then took the opportunity of a day’s testing at Mallory Park with No Limits on one of their trackdays.  With the initial problem clearly solved the day was also used for further development of the various motor maps and different levels of engine braking and regenerative braking.  The team were now in high spirits and ready for the MotoE meeting at Pembrey Circuit the following weekend.

Test day at Mallory Park with No Limits Racing. Click on the image for a larger view

Pembrey Circuit: MotoE Round 4

For a brief introduction to Pembrey Circuit on this website, click here.

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The weather was excellent throughout the weekend and got off to a great start when Daley brought the UoN-01 bike home as 7th fastest overall in morning practice alongside all the other petrol bikes.  Later, with a tweak to the rear suspension and new tyres, Daley qualified in pole position for the two races themselves – and with a margin of over 5 seconds over the second-place bike.

The DNFs from Cadwell Park had seen the team’s Championship standing slip into third place behind the Darvill and Zongshen teams.  With the bike now performing faultlessly there were high hopes of repeating earlier successes – the bike had so far this season (before Pembrey) won every race it had completed (6 races: 3 wins, 3 DNFs).

The Pembrey podium.  Click on the image for a larger view

Daley’s smooth, economical and consistent riding style is founded in his proven abilities on riding 125cc racing 2-stroke petrol bikes to great success (he won the Ultra Lightweight race at the 2014 Ulster Grand Prix, for example).  This style of riding is important to the effective and successful racing of electric bikes as the efficient use of the available battery power is so critical.

Daley in action on the UoN-01 bike at Pembrey. Photo credit: Kerry Rawson Photography. Click on the image for a larger view

In the event the whole team were delighted to see Daley win both races on the  UoN-01 bike!  With a best lap time of 1:06.38 (close to his own lap record on petrol bikes and a current lap record for Pembrey Circuit) Daley was over 5 seconds per lap faster than the second-placed bike, lapping many other competitors in the process.  In a fantastic and confidence-boosting weekend’s racing the team are now leading the Championship by 8 points!

The victorious University of Nottingham team at Pembrey Circuit. Left to right: Miquel Gimeno-Fabra, Jonathan Blissett, Marco Degano, rider Daley Mathison and far right Pat Wheeler (Professor of Power Electronic Systems).  Photo credit Kerry Rawson. Click on the image for a larger view

With only a week before the final round of the Championship at Portimão Circuit in the Portugese Algarve (also known as the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, or AIA), the team have a very short turn-around and a 3-day drive ahead of them!  With the bike performing so well and so reliably, confidence is high for some excellent racing and a real possibility of Daley and the University of Nottingham team winning the 2015 MotoE Championship.

Yes, you can do a burn-out on an electric bike! Click on the image for a larger view

MotoE Championsip 2015. University of Nottingham results summary so far:

  • Round 1, Nürburgring:
    • Race 1:  DNF
    • Race 2: 1st place
  • Round 2, Anglesey Circuit
    • Race 1:  1st place (and a new lap record for an electric bike)
    • Race 2:  1st place
  • Round 3, Cadwell Park
    • Race 1:  DNF (but a new lap record for an electric bike was set)
    • Race 2:  DNS
  • Round 4, Pembrey Circuit, (7 laps)
    • Race 1: 1st place:  (Mathison (#10, UoN), Purdie (#17, Saietta Agni), Kwok (#21, Zongshen))
      • Note: Daley’s best lap time was 1:06.38 – the current lap record for the Pembrey Circuit
    • Race 2: 1st place:  (Mathison (#10, UoN), Purdie (#17, Saietta Agni), Kwok (#21, Zongshen))

MotoE 2015 Championship standings after Round 4:

  1. 125 points: Daley Mathison, #10, University of Nottingham
  2. 117 points: Chris Foster, #77, Darvill
  3. 113 points: Chun Kay Kwok, #21, Zongshen

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To visit the University’s webpage for the project, click here.
To visit the MotoE website’s blog, click here.

Happy drive home! Click on the image for a larger view


The UoN-01 bike has been designed and built by the University of Nottingham’s Power Electronics, Machine and Control Research Group, which is part of the University’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  The team is delighted to have received sponsorship from MuRata and Microsemi and greatly appreciates the close collaboration of Parker Racing (motor), Haiyin (batteries) and GIA Engineering (frame).  Grateful thanks are also extended to Michelin Tyre PLC (Power Cup Evo tyres) and HEL Performance (brake lines).

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About the MotoE race series

MotoE is a member of the elite electric motorsport world and is a European open competition for electric motorcycles to test, prove and ultimately market the next generation of transport technologies.

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