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Thursday 2nd July 2015

Update on Daley’s race plans

This week Daley has started back at work and is finding the exercise is helping his recovery from the injuries he suffered at the North West 200 in May (see the Meeting Report dated 19th May, click here).

He recently attended the Barry Sheene Festival at Scarborough’s Oliver’s Mount where he finished  in 2nd place in Saturday’s Modern Junior race on the Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R600, having qualified in pole position.  However, having qualified on the front row for Sunday’s Modern Junior race he decided not to enter the race itself as he was in too much pain from his still-healing left collarbone. To read the meeting report, click here.

Daley is now very much looking forward to his next-planned event – the Cock o’the North meeting at Scarborough on 18th-19th July.

The Auto 66 Club, the organisers of the road race events at Scarborough, have announced that due to the legalities and regulations surrounding the roads closure requirements racing will only take place on the Sunday this year.  However, a full day of events is still planned for Saturday, with a reduced entry fee, with the opportunity of a paddock walk-about.  Click here to read the Club’s announcement and for further details.


Sunday 28th June 2015

New Partner joins Daley Mathison Racing

Click on the image to visit the company’s website

Daley is delighted to welcome Forcefield Body Armour onboard as a new Partner with Daley Mathison Racing.

Forcefield Body Armour specialises in Impact Protection and High Performance Clothing Systems.  The brand prides itself on developing and producing cutting edge, innovative and class-leading products.  Winning countless awards and reviews, the brand continues to grow across many industries and sports.

Daley was fortunate enough to be wearing a Forcefield back protector when he was involved in the incident at Mill Road roundabout chicane during May’s North West 200 meeting and believes that the protector played a central role in minimising the injuries he sustained.  Motorcycling of any variety, and especially road racing, is a hazardous occupation and wearing the best possible safety equipment – such as Forcefield’s products – is an essential.  Daley is proud to now have Forcefield Body Armour in the Team as Partners.


Sunday 28th June 2015

Meeting report – Barry Sheene Festival
Scarborough, June 20th-21st

Having had to miss out on his rides at this year’s TT Daley was looking forward to competing at his ‘home’ circuit, Scarborough’s Oliver’s Mount, for the Barry Sheene Festival.  With the Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R1000 Superbike still under repair following the incident at the North West 200 in May Daley was entered into two races in the Modern Junior class on the Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R600 Supersport machine.

10407494_724581554318794_361897445185760841_n e f drydale

Photo credit EF Drydale. Click on the image for a larger view

The weather on Saturday was very wet – a factor which was in Daley’s favour as he rides well in the wet and has great confidence in the Michelin Power Rain tyres he races on.  Daley was delighted to qualify in pole position for Saturday’s race, sharing the front row with Mick Goodings and James Neesom.  Though by then beginning to feel quite a lot of discomfort from his injured shoulder, in the race he was equally delighted to finish in second place to Ivan Lintin, who was riding excellently.  James Neesom was third.

Photo credit Mick Lobley. Click on the image for a larger view

Sunday was much drier and Daley was pleased to have qualified in third position behind Ivan Lintin and James Cowton in the morning qualifying session.  However, being in some pain and discomfort and with discretion being the better part of valour, he decided not to risk further injury to his recovering collarbone and withdrew from the race itself.  The three first finishers in the race were Ivan Lintin, James Cowton and Mick Goodings.

But as a sweetener Daley was very grateful to Phil Leatherland for the opportunity to ride his excellent classic Honda RS250 in a parade lap!

In the parade lap on Phil Leatherland’s Honda RS250. Photo credit ATR Photography. Click on the image for a larger view

Results summary:

  • Saturday (Modern Junior):
    • Qualification:  Pole position (Mathison, Mick Goodings, Neesom)
    • Race 4: 2nd position (Lintin, Mathison, Mick Goodings)
  • Sunday (Modern Junior):
    • Qualification: 3rd position (Lintin, Cowton, Mathison)
    • Race 10: DNS

To view/download Daley’s official results timesheets (pdf format), click here.
To view the meeting’s full results (Sports Timing Services website), click here.
To visit the Oliver’s Mount website, click here.
To visit the Auto 66 Club’s website, click here.
To see a gallery of photographs from the meeting, click here.

Daley was very pleased with his performance over the weekend, especially considering his injury was clearly not fully healed.  He is now looking forward to making a full comeback at the Cock o’the North meeting at Scarborough on July 18th-19th.  He thanks all of his Partners and fans for their continued support as he works back to full race fitness.

A “thank you” from Daley to all his Partners and followers for your continued support. Click on the image for a larger view


Update on Daley’s GoFundMe campaign:
On May 19th Daley created a GoFundMe page to give well-wishers the opportunity to support him during this difficult time.  Daley is self-employed as a manual labourer so that when he’s not working he’s not earning; and he knew he would not be work-fit for at least 4 to 6 weeks.  To date the campaign has raised £1250 from 47 very generous donors and this has been a very considerable help indeed to helping him to keep paying for unavoidable day-to-day living expenses.  “Thank you so very much everyone for your amazing help – I really do appreciate it a great deal and it has made all the difference to me being able to cope with the situation I found myself in.”, says Daley.


Daley’s principal Partners are:

   Darlington Technical College


Sunday 28th June 2015

Meeting report – Isle of Man TT

The focus and highlight of Daley’s racing season was the Isle of Man TT (May 30th to June 12th).  Daley had had his 5 entries accepted for the races:-

  • Senior – Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R1000 Superbike
  • Superbike – Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R1000
  • Supersport Races 1 & 2 – Hol-Taj Suzuki GSX-R600
  • TT Zero – Prototype electric bike built by the University of Nottingham

However, in a cruel twist of fate Daley suffered a serious double-fracture of his left collarbone in a crash at the North West 200 two weeks before the TT.  The operation to re-set the bone at his local hospital was cancelled at the last minute on three occasions and it was clear competing at the TT this year was not an option.  The disappointment was not lessened by the knowledge that the crash was no fault of his own as he was knocked off his machine from behind by loose road furniture dislodged by a following rider falling at the Mill Road roundabout chicane.

In discomfort but determined to make the best of a bad situation Daley still attended the event in a supporting role for the University of Nottingham team’s efforts with the electric bike and to help a fellow competitor, Mark Goodings, who was competing at his first TT.  Daley also used the opportunity to benefit from several sessions in the Hyperbaric Chamber in Douglas and to exercise at a local gym as well as receiving physiotherapy for his injury.

Daley signing posters at the TT. Click on the image for a larger view


Electric bike

(Part of) the University of Nottingham Emoto team. l-r: Miquel Gimeno-Fabra, Jonathan Blissett and Marco Degano. Click on the image for a larger view

The prototype electric bike which Daley was originally supposed to be riding in the TTZero race was designed by the University of Nottingham’s Power Electronics, Machine and Control Research Group.   Sponsored by Murata and receiving support from Parker Racing, Haiyin and GIA Engineering the bike was only part-built when the team travelled to the Island.

Arriving in the paddock the team worked tirelessly to finish the build and to prepare the bike for competition.  Their efforts were amply rewarded when stand-in rider Michael “Micko” Sweeney rode the machine to a 6th place finish in the race at an average speed of 73.156 mph, despite having to stop 10 times to reset the machine for a recurring fault.  Unfortunately, Michael was injured in a crash later in the same day when he crashed during the first lap of the Supersport 2 race.  He was released from hospital three days later.

The Emoto bike in Parc Ferme showing the custom-built frame and swingarm. Photo credit: Alasdair Leng.  Click on the image for a larger view

Michael Sweeney riding the bike during the TTZero race. Photo credit Alasdair Leng.  Click on the image for a larger view

All-in-all a fantastic effort by all the UoN team who were rewarded with a most excellent result, including the first University-backed team award.

The team is now working on upgrading the bike with the intention of entering this season’s MotoE championships, the European electric motorbike racing championships (five rounds at international venues from early August to early October), with Daley as the rider.

To visit the team’s Facebook page, click here.
To see the team’s TT results (TT website), click here.
To visit the MotoE website, click here.

Leaving the startline. Photo credit: Andrea Hawley. Click on the image for a larger view



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